Amazon and Verizon teaming up on 5G cloud computing

From Yahoo Finance (by Seana Smith ):
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At the AWS re:invent 2019 in Las Vegas, USA, Amazon and Verizon announced that they are teaming up and working together on 5G Edge Cloud Computing. This makes Verizon the first in the world to use 5G network edge computing with AWS Wavelength.

“As we think about cloud computing and the power of AI, big data storage, and all of the analytics that happen in cloud computing, to be able to take that from centrally managed down to a local, edge compute capability, and to have to power of 5G low-latency, gives us access to applications we haven’t had in the past,” Tami Erwin, Verizon Business Group CEO, told Yahoo Finance’s The Ticker on Tuesday. “You begin to think about smart factories, smart cities, smart communities, changing retail, real-time health-care applications; it really changes everything about how enterprises will use information to deliver a very differentiated experience to their consumers.”

But what is Edge Computing?
” Edge computing refers to locating applications – and the general-purpose compute, storage, and associated switching and control functions needed to run them – relatively close to end users and/or IoT endpoints. This greatly benefits applications performance and associated QoE, and it can also improve efficiency and thus the economics depending on the nature of the specific application. ” – 5G edge computing whitepaper
And doing this with 5G makes it alot faster than the 4G that is standard at the time being.

So with this new partnership between Amazon and Verizon, business could download data at a much faster rate than with the regular 4G network. Another effect is that thanks to ultra low latency, devices can connect much faster.

“Verizon has taken a very strong position that says for us to enable the solutions that 5G can enable, we need to partner with others to really drive innovation in the marketplace,” Erwin said. “I can’t imagine a better partner than Amazon as we think about opening up the platform of the Mobile Edge Compute to millions of developers around the world to develop solutions and applications.”

Verizon has already made some strategic partnerships recently with Disney and The New York Times

“When you think about an industry’s leaders, whether it’s an industry leader like Disney or an industry leader like The New York Times, Verizon as a network provider is partnering with others that we can really work together to enable the kind of solutions that we know our 5G network will enable and make available to the world,” Erwin said.

AWS Wavelength, 5G Edge, is currently available in Chicago, with additional U.S. deployments planned for 2020. 
“We will continue to launch markets as we go into 2020 and make it more broadly available.”

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